1) I need to track my assets, but I know it can be expensive. How much do you charge for your devices?

Cyrus Proximity doesn’t charge anything for our In Vehicle Units (IVUs). We deliver a service rather than sell a product.

2) What is your standard fee for service?

Cyrus Proximity assumes a “quality over quantity” approach. As an experienced service provider, we understand that no two projects are the same. Therefore, a proper analysis of your company’s requirements are necessary to evaluate costs.

3) Once my company’s requirements are identified, what capital expenditure is required?

There are zero upfront costs; we minimize capital expenditure by making an investment in your company. We supply all hardware, data hosting and cover the cost of installation and updates. We make our return by providing top tier service. Simply put, “if it doesn’t work, you don’t pay.”

4) Once my needs have been identified how will I know how much money I’ll save by implementing a system?

We are happy to sit down with you and estimate your return on investment based on unique scenarios that are applicable to your operations. Competitors often offer cost savings estimates, but these are typically industry averages.

5) Where will I see my biggest ROI?

Immediately. Since there is no Cap Ex, your money goes to work on day one. By identifying your KPI’s, you can leverage the system to increase asset utilization, minimize field time, automate maintenance schedules, eliminate time- sheet fraud and bid more accurately all while providing best in class customer service.

6) So far everything sounds great, but am I stuck in a contract?

Since we make a considerable investment in your company, we do require a contract. However, if we don’t deliver our services up to par, you don’t pay.

7) Are you financially stable, with high growth and profitability?

As a privately owned company, Cyrus Proximity has consistently grown and outperformed financial goals. Our success spans multiple industry sectors with a global presence positioning us for continued market growth and stability.