1) I’ve conducted considerable research on telematics companies; what sets you apart?
Everyone from our C-Suite down to our Engineers, R&D and Sales departments come from HSE, Construction, Oilfield, and Military backgrounds. This combined experience provides us with a disciplined foundation and the knowledge necessary to provide a customized solution for your individual needs.

2) What makes your solution and approach unique?
Cyrus Proximity provides state of the art solutions tailored to customer needs, along with unbiased third party reporting. We consistently develop new services and equipment with no additional capital outlay.

3) Do you have experience in my market sector and with fleets my size?
Our solutions are implemented across multiple sectors, including Oil & Gas, construction, logistics, retail delivery, and governmental entities. Our unique experience spanning multiple industry sectors allows us to integrate key concerns and centralize fleet data management.

4) I’m told that my requirements are complex. How do I know you can monitor all of my assets?
Glad to hear it! Cyrus Proximity’s world-class in-house R&D department exists for this reason. Rather than offering a “one size fits all” approach, we work with you to dig below the surface and get to the core of your requirements. Our engineers love a challenge so send one our way.

5) I’ve heard that deploying Telematics Solutions can be a headache. What is your process for ensuring a smooth and successful installation?
A well formulated plan is crucial in any scope of field operations. We coordinate and develop a comprehensive Implementation Methodology that compliments your schedule by minimizing down time and maximizes asset utilization.

6) Can your solutions be utilized by any number of users with different access levels and permissions?
Yes. Role and privilege based access supports multi-hierarchical user support.

7) Our field operations are diverse and I can’t afford to halt our work schedule for installations. How is this managed?
Cyrus Proximity will deploy technicians to install at your locations wherever they may be. All of this is considered while developing an Implementation Methodology.

8) Everyone offers “standard maps,” but my company has cartographers for specific job related locations. How do we verify your map data against ours?
This is common practice among government, oilfield and construction organizations. We can take your custom maps and load them onto our ORION platform alleviating any discrepancy of critical data.

9) There’s a lot of buzz about “Geo-fences.” It sounds great, but I need more than circles and what about multiple and intersecting lines?
Cyrus Proximity has been a pioneer in the development of multi-layered geo-fencing. Our ORION platform allows for an unlimited number of intersecting and layered Geo-fences. You can create Geo-fences for topographical maps to show elevation or sectioned and grouped worksite equipment, off-limit or no go zones and pretty much anything you can imagine. Each POI can be configured with their own rules and alert notifications; we give you complete control of your equipment.

10) Can my assets be searched easily through the ORION system?
Efficiency is critical: simply type in a driver ID, vehicle or asset, Geo-fence location, or any user defined grouping. We can assign icons and color coded identifiers for individual or divisional ranking and zones or equipment. View the data generated from each item of interest in real time and choose what information is shown on the map.

11) Will your solution integrate with our back-office and fleet management systems?
Yes. The ORION platform is capable of integration with multiple APIs.

12) How will I know when a threshold is exceeded or violation is committed?
Whatever your concern, we will notify you accordingly. The ORION platform hosts numerous methods of alerts ranging from on-screen, text message, and email notifications for an unlimited amount of user defined rules.

13) Does Cyrus Proximity provide monthly activity and violation reports?
The ORION platform is completely customizable allowing for the generation of unique and specific data. We save you the trouble of sifting through thousands of data logs and compile weekly, monthly, and custom reports for any criteria. Report automation is one more way that we help to cut your man hours and optimize efficiency.

14) Work site theft and after hours usage is a concern. How can you protect my assets?
We are pleased to add value to your company by protecting your equipment. You define the parameters and we enforce them! You’ll know if a vehicle is towed or an ignition switch is flipped. ORION utilizes intelligent tracking and instantly sends alerts to appropriate personnel and or law-enforcement agencies.