1) Are there limitations on what vehicles can be tracked?
If it has an electronic pulse, we can extract the data. Send us your mixing units, wireline trucks, semis, trailers, cranes or yellow iron and we’ll provide you with complete control.

2) Maintenance coordination gets complicated so how does your system help me with this?
Automation is the way of the future. The ORION platform adds value by providing service reminders and future maintenance alerts based on engine hours, fluid levels, and miles driven since last service. Combining asset locations and maintenance scheduling makes it easy to coordinate and prioritize what vehicles should be pulled off the line.

3) What about generators or mobile and stationary units? Can these maintenance concerns be addressed?
Absolutely. Cyrus Proximity can track these items, automate maintenance scheduling and go so far as to provide real time readouts of dials and gauges right on your computer screen.

4) Can we implement varied maintenance cycles dependent on specific equipment?
Prior to installation we identify these concerns. We work directly with your maintenance department to ensure that appropriate cycles are implemented to meet your diverse maintenance requirements.

5) Can reports be generated to identify equipment and vehicle abuse?
We’ve left no stone unturned. You know when a vehicle is redlined or maltreated, and who did it, along with verification of service hour completion.