1) Are all the components for a fully functional system provided by Cyrus Proximity?
Yes, we provide all the equipment to include additional sensors and IVUs.

2) How long is the equipment warranty?
Since we provide and retain ownership of the devices, the warranty lasts for the duration of contract. Prior to installation, all units are put through rigorous testing to vet out any defective equipment and ensure quality control.

3) Will my employees know where the IVU is installed?
All devices are tamper proof and concealed. Even if an IVU comes offline the appropriate parties are instantly notified of the incident and the IVU switches to an emergency power supply.

4) Can pre-existing navigation tools be utilized with your system?
Yes. Our devices are compatible with on-board navigation devices. If you don’t have an on-board navigation device, but would like one, we can save the cost of hardware and supply it to you. On-board navigation makes turn by turn directions, dispatching, and two way communication easily accomplished.