Time is Money and so is Unproductive and Wasteful Utilization

Industry wide studies consistently prove that implementing a fleet management system contributes to considerable cost savings.




Instant Cost Reduction

Upon day 1 companies can measure, manage and improve fleet performance with Cyrus Proximity’s ORION Fleet Management and custom analytics software. Instantly track fuel consumption and identify vehicles and drivers exhibiting costly utilization habits.



Fuel Consumption

Just because fuel prices are lower than we’ve seen for years doesn’t mean that cost savings are less important. The ORION Fleet Management Software provides instant alerts for excessive idling, harsh acceleration, after-hours-usage, and much more.




Maintenance Automation

Cyrus Proximity offers more than just fleet tracking. While developing ORION2, we created an interactive maintenance section that allows service managers to save relevant information pertaining to powered and unpowered assets. Authorized personnel can scan and save photos and documents to the cloud and enter exact dollar amounts for parts and labor, or even time required for individual repairs. The maintenance module clearly defines and tracks shop costs, while opening seamless communication paths between maintenance, accounting, and operation departments.



Accident Verification

Companies and drivers are all too often targets for compromising lawsuits and investigations for accidents that can’t be verified.
With Cyrus Proximity you can instantly receive customized notifications and utilize our accident verification tool to review the conditions up to and after an accident.

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